I Versus WE

Hello Everyone, Linda here from Highly Sensitive and Neutralizing With Love and today we’re going to chat about I versus WE.

First off I’d like to confirm that I’ll be promoting the newest Neutralizing With Love Journey, Process, Meditation at the end of our chat.

Love Bubble Energy is exactly what I just said, a journey, a process, a meditation. Whatever you need it to be. It’s a way to Flow in Life. More to come on this topic at the end.

Now we can come back to our main topic, I versus We.

This is about standing alone OR remembering that you have a team.

I’m talking about the team who decided to stand by you when you came here; when you came here to Earth for this journey and some of your Earthly teams as well or course.

So do you want to know what brought me to talk to you about I versus WE?

It was when I suddenly heard, really heard what some people were saying, and what they weren’t saying and many of them use ‘I’ when they’re describing things and not ‘We’ and you know that we don’t very often do things entirely alone, do we.

My gorgeous husband helped me a lot with this topic, unknowingly, of course. I find it funny how our partner's enhance our learning curves with their examples. Partners are really great for clarifying stuff like this huh and if it makes you annoyed then that’s the time to look into it and ask why, why am I annoyed.

Their behavior offers us such awareness because they’re really close to us and mine was using ‘I’ as his descriptor in a lot of things; Things that we’d done together. When he was talking to other people he’d be saying, ‘I did this’ and ‘I did that’.

The fairly obvious reason is because I may not have done the actual nailing or the building for the end result but many times I had the idea and the design. Or maybe ‘all’ I did was provide meals and backup.

This annoyed me for a while and I couldn’t work out why until just today, on my