I’m Linda Simpson

A Soul Nourisher &  Heartisan.

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My Story

My ‘toolbox’ includes Transformation Coaching, Life and Spiritual Facilitating, EFT technique (tapping), meditation teachings and creation, Intuitive readings using oracle cards or the Tarot.

I work with Voice Magic and with my source as a clear conduit for awareness and Light we mix and match my skills to each session.

My most valued and favourite role, work, journey is when I’m called to hold space for and enable another to really LIVE their life here on Earth – their true life.

Through this facilitating I share unique processes and clear Source information on how they can really SHINE in their work; how they can share their heart based offerings successfully, with Love.

​This role is one I’ve been preparing for and one that I’m really happy to have as my work. Expanding my beautiful client’s belief in themselves so that they can add HUGE value to their own clients. Growing in their self awareness.

​My knowledge and my work is expansive with my current offerings covering (but not limited to) inner growth, spiritual support, life and living and spiritual health.

If you would like to feel into how I share my knowledge then join my Facebook Group, The Heartisans, and experience the loving nature of our members.

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Anahata Codes - Assisting Frequencies

What are the Anahata Codes

Everything around us vibrates at its own unique frequency. Anahata Codes are a set of numbers and spaces which provide the keys to unlocking and providing access to the innate intelligence of those vibrations. They deliver that access directly to your energy field, your inner heart library, through your Heart Chakra


What are the Assisting Frequencies?

Assisting Frequencies vibrate the intelligence of Crystals, Totem Animals, Trees, Essential Oils, Meridians, and more. When a Code is installed, the healing qualities vibrate with your own Inner Library, assisting your body to shift and create balance on all levels

I see the process this way. When the feeling is moving us towards our journey then the activation SHINES this area of our inner library.

And when the activation is fronting something we hold fearfully then I see the activation neutralizing that kernel of fear, neutralizing it into love. Leaving us with a free-er mindset.

Where our brain might decide we’re ‘healing’ something from our human thought patterns, our Higher Selves generally have an agenda aimed at highlighting our path, our journey.

This is why we aim to intuit rather than choose.


Working in your own Happy Space

When you choose to sit with and activate any code that has been intuited for you it’s good to be in a space that keeps you happy. Somewhere where you feel the joy of receiving that which your Higher Self is enabling for you.


I love sharing these beautiful codes and share them with love. Should you choose to use them professionally then please honour Holly, our Anahata Code Founder, by completing the course which gives greater understanding of the power of these magical assisting frequencies.

Above you'll find the How To Use video and the spread sheet of these beautiful codes.
Click on the image below to find out more about the Anahata Codes Book which Holly created for us all.