I’m Linda Simpson

A Soul Nourisher &  Heartisan.

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My Story

My most valued and favourite role, work, journey is when I’m called to hold space for and enable another spiritual worker; sharing processes and different views on how they can really SHINE in their work; how they can share their heart based offerings successfully, with Love.

This role is one I’ve been preparing for and one that I’m really happy to have as my work. Expanding my beautiful client’s belief in themselves so that they can add HUGE value to their own clients. Growing in their self awareness.

My knowledge and my work is expansive with my current offerings covering (but not limited to) marketing, inner growth, support in the areas of technical set up, life and living and spiritual health.

If you’re looking for support in your current journey and would like to feel into how I share my knowledge then join my Facebook Group, Change Energy Transformation, and experience the loving nature of our members.

Click on the link below to join this group of spiritual workers from all parts of the world and all styles of work.


Change Energy Transformation