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Are you a Stepper or a Leaper?
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Welcome to Neutralizing With Love - A place of

Offering Journeys, Processes and Meditations for your Self-Awareness, Self Activation and ongoing knowledge

along with a place to share and grow.

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Does this sound like You?

  • You're in a job that doesn't fit you any more

  • No idea which Next Step to take

  • Forward direction seems to be living in fog

  • Feel like yelling at the stuff that gets in your way

  • You feel invisible

  • Frustrated is not a big enough word for how you feel

  • Feel like you're doing this alone

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It's not all on your shoulders you know. There are so many myths, encumbrances and other types of hindrances to crawl past. Oh YES, you'd run past them when you're in top form but the Myths and the Bad Thoughts have more power when you're in the period before your Next You.

​Once you take the shine off any negatives, or Neutralize them with Love, you'll see your greater picture. Confident, Shining, Knowing, Energetic, Aligned, Authentic and more.

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Hosted by Linda Simpson

As a Spiritual Facilitator I'm here to:

  • Enable You

  • Assist you in Self-Awareness

  • Refresh and Realign

  • Facilitating energy upgrades

  • SO that You can SHINE on your Journey


It's time to let go of the past, Refresh your Being and take the next steps on Your Journey.

I'm blessed with many downloaded ideas and journey processes to share for our growth as spiritual beings. Some will be installed into programs we can run together and others will be presented as journeys and processes for you to listen to in your own time, in your own space. 

It would be great if you could find us on Facebook, the Neutralizing With Love  page.

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Introducing Learn with Linda

The landing spot for all of my journeys, meditations and processes.

Visit and see the free courses and introductory previews.

It's my heart work in one place to assist you with your own awareness and growth.

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