Does this sound like You?

  • You're in a job that doesn't fit you any more

  • No idea which Next Step to take

  • Forward direction seems to be living in fog

  • Feel like yelling at the stuff that gets in your way

  • You feel invisible

  • Frustrated is not a big enough word for how you feel

  • Feel like you're doing this alone

What is your introductory gift?

The sign in form on this page will take you to your introductory gift. This work sheet is a wonderful discovery session, offering you a fresh look at you, the you who sits here now.


1. Discover - What holds you in this same place? 

2. Uncover - What hides inside, waiting for some light?

3. Lift Your Game - What do you want to learn next?

4. Learn - More about what holds you back

5. Unwrap - ways to flip these things on their heads. Use them positively.

6. Identify - What drives you? What are you good at?

Bringing it all together. It's not just about learning, it's about believing and achieving.

Note To Self (You)

It's not all on your shoulders you know. There are so many myths, encumbrances and other types of hindrances to crawl past. Oh YES, you'd run past them when you're in top form but the Myths and the Bad Thoughts have more power when you're in the period before your Next You.

Once you take the shine off any negatives, or Neutralize them with Love, you'll see your greater picture. Confident, Shining, Knowing, Energetic, Aligned, Authentic and more.

Finding This Next You


Planning & Guidance 


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Who Am I? Linda, that is.

A Love Alchemist – Neutralizing and transforming ‘stuff’ into love using Magical Love Bubbles 

A Transformation Catalyst – working with my heart, leading, sharing, growing other beautiful beings into greater awareness on whatever stage they’ve chosen for their Next. 

Bringing my awesome Refresh Process to groups or individuals in the Real World or in DigitalLand and bedding in the growth and change with Assisting Frequency Anahata Codes. 

I come to you from my Heart Space – Always.


“I was lucky enough to be part of the This Next You test group. Linda gives great knowledge from her heart. We got to experience her intuitive gifts as well. Loved my results.” GF


“The Refresh Workshop was so insightful and those Anahata Codes were amazing.” Jill


“My time with Linda focused on one area and while we did this the outcome overlapped into another area and healed a spot that we hadn’t even talked about. Brilliant” Barb.


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