Stepping your way into a new you

by opening up your inner heart library.

Using an Anahata Code Collective to intentionally open your inner heart library and SHINE light on information for your next step.


Discover : Wisdom : Balance


STEPPING with this Collective involves diving a little deeper into what these Codes and activations mean for You.


What does this step involve for you and what does it offer?


Inside the STEP you’ll find:

  • An activation recording for all three of the Anahata Code Collectives involved in this intentional activation

  • A workbook which outlines questions for each activation, Direction : Wisdom : Balance.

  • Access to the Anahata Codes themselves along with instructions on how to use these awesome heart library tools.


This journey is very personalized with the activation recordings and journaling workbook stepping you into the Direction, discovering the Wisdom related to this particular moment and showing you the Balance that this all means in your current journey.


You will be guided to complete sections of the workbook prior to experiencing the activation. This work supplies you with intentions to carry in to your Anahata Code recording providing you with greater benefits.

All of the above comes to you for a


YES, you saw correctly.

I just KNOW that this Anahata Code Collective will enhance your world and I also KNOW that you'll exchange what you can.

PLUS there are bonuses

Which will lead you to more inner heart growth.

Once your payment has been verified you'll not only receive

  • Your Anahata Code Collective activations

  • Your Collectives Intentional Workbook


You'll also have access to:

  • The entire file of the current Anahata Codes for you to download and access at your leisure

  • AND a helpful video on how to best use these Codes for your own inner growth.

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