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Transformation with Quantum Spiritual Energy Healing

Are you looking for your own Transformation?

Do you understand that transformation is personal and self-motivated?


Working together, with me holding Shining Space for you and your connection, I’ll provide Transformation and Spiritual healing. Through the Anahata Codes, the Assisting Frequencies, we’ll activate and ensure energy healing and reprogramming of your soul memories creating more awareness of your spiritual inner heart library

Where can I help you?

  • No idea which Next Step to take

  • You're in a job that doesn't fit you any more

  • Forward direction seems to be living in fog

  • You feel invisible

  • Feel like yelling at the stuff that gets in your way

  • Frustrated is not a big enough word for how you feel

  • Feel like you're doing this alone

How I Can Help You


My mission is to provide You with the catalyst needed at this time on your journey.


Utilizing my gentle and far reaching processes alongside my clear conduit abilities we'll clear blocks and provide positive outcomes in a gentle and supportive way.

NOTE: This session can be split into 2 x 1hr sessions to enable inner activation. Please contact me to arrange a payment plan if required.

Jodie said, “I don’t usually make myself available for something I know nothing about or with someone I know nothing about, but I was “nudged” to do this and I am so glad I listened.”


What does Holding Space mean?


You came here to Earth to live your life and walk your journey. Most learning comes through interaction with other people but inner learning comes from being open enough to Feel and See what is inside you and what your gift to this world is.

Holding Space is where I stand beside you, as a clear conduit, enabling clear communication with your Higher Self and inner heart library activations.


What is the Soul Refresh Process?


You know that time when you really want to move forward but are not sure of exactly where and your self-sabotage button starts to activate because of old experiences? Refresh is about building on a New perspective of You and neutralizing the effects that drag you into uncertainty or overwhelm.

This Soul Refresh Process will refresh your relationship with yourself and clarify your purpose. You gain a new perspective of You.


What are the Assisting Frequencies?


Assisting Frequencies vibrate the intelligence of Crystals, Totem Animals, Trees, Essential Oils, Meridians, and more. When a Code is installed, the healing qualities vibrate with your own Inner Library, assisting your body to shift and create balance on all levels


There is no force with this process.  These frequencies can only ever be used for your highest good, so if it is not in your highest good to activate a code or any part of its definition, it will simply not be activated.


AWARENESS - The Assisting Frequencies activate that which is already inside you. You are fully compatible with ALL that is inside you.


What are the Anahata Codes?

Everything around us vibrates at its own unique frequency. Anahata Codes are a set of numbers and spaces which provide the keys to unlocking and providing access to the innate intelligence of those vibrations. They deliver that access directly to your energy field through your Heart Chakra

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