A 21 Day Personal Magic Container for greater awareness and more clarity

Work with an intuited collection of powerful Anahata Code Activations

Unwrap this Relax : Release : Transform cycle and feel empowered by what you discover.

This Anahata Code Collective has been planned over a 21 day period utilizing very small moments of your time. Check in daily, using the first quiet moment you can plan on, and hold that intention for your day.

Activate the Magic of the Ripple Effect

  • Holding small intentional steps

  • Trusting in your Inner Being for gentle solutions

  • And working closely with your Inner Being to neutralize or shine the new files planted inside your heart library.

  • Transformation through Choice, Gentleness and Flow

  • Offering thought producing ideas of the HOW and the WHY

  • So that you can perceive and choose your WHERE and WHAT

What's included in this Beautiful Growth Process?

This 21 day process includes three individual work books covering each of the three weeks. 

  • Download three separate pdf style workbooks which fit your tablet or phone easily.

  • Download and activate the three specific Anahata Code Activations - working with one each week.

And the total for all of this is just $55.00 usd


Of course it's worth heaps more as you'll find when you follow through with the intention and complete the 21 days, using that small piece of thinking space you've carved out for this beautiful inner awareness work.

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