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Quantum Self Healing

Activating Your Inner Library

Are You Ready for a

New Perspective of YOU?

Ticket per person


Presented by Linda in the comfort of your own space


We're hosting monthly digital sessions via Zoom where you will 

experience the amazing power of a group with focus utilizing:

The Soul Refresh Process

AND the Awesome yet subtle power of

Assisting Frequencies and the Anahata Codes.

WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE : 6pm 7th July 2020.

TIME ZONE : Brisbane Australia time zone AEST (click here for a time zone calculator)

Link up to the Change by Neutralizing With Love Facebook group for a reminder of the next date. 

FOCUS: We get to choose what to focus on as a group either in our thoughts or words. Personal, group or world/universe related. Everything can be 'put into the pot'.


Cas said, For me this was a loving, happy experience, so thank you. It was So worth doing and I would be happy to do this every month. 

Jodie said, “I don’t usually make myself available for something I know nothing about or with someone I know nothing about, but I was “nudged” to do this and I am so glad I listened.”


REFRESH Your Direction

Activate Awareness of Your Purpose


REFRESH – A process to refresh your relationship with yourself and clarify your purpose. You gain a new perspective of You.


AWARENESS - The Assisting Frequencies activate that which is already inside you. You are fully compatible with ALL that is inside you.


Self Awareness and Self Activation


Why Soul Refresh? You know that time when you really want to move forward but are not sure of exactly where. And your self-sabotage button starts to activate because of old experiences? Refresh is about building on a New perspective of You and neutralizing the effects that drag you into uncertainty or overwhelm.


Who is Linda? I’ve worked for a long and successful time as a coach in spiritual, life and business areas. Whilst assisting awareness in my clients I’ve developed many useful Journey Processes which clear and clarify, allowing greater awareness of your next steps and your journey.


Recently I’ve been ‘nudged’ to share these processes out to a greater audience and have incorporated the Anahata Codes into Refresh Gatherings to activate those areas of your inner library which will assist you on your current path.

What are Assisting Frequencies?

Assisting Frequencies vibrate the intelligence of Crystals, Totem Animals, Trees, Essential Oils, Meridians, and more.  When a Code is installed, the healing qualities vibrate with your own Inner Library, assisting your body to shift and create balance on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.


What are Anahata Codes?

Everything around us vibrates at its own unique frequency.  Anahata Codes are a set of numbers and spaces which provide the keys to unlocking and providing access to the innate intelligence of those vibrations.  They deliver that access directly to your energy field through your Heart Chakra (Anahata), which regulates the vibrations on all layers for highest good.


There is no force with this process.  These frequencies can only ever be used for your highest good, so if it is not in your highest good to activate a code or any part of its definition, it will simply not be activated.

I look forward to meeting you at Soul Refresh. Much love from LINDA xox