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MAGIC MIND WALK – entry by donation.

Join us on a Journey where we use Magic Mind Mapping for Greater Alignment with Your Chosen Path

During this time together, enjoying the power of group energy, we will:


  • Embed our intention with an Anahata Code Activation

  • Begin with a Clear Slate through the amazing Soul Refresh process

  • Be guided on a walk through a Magic Mind Map where we find intentions to enable our visions and dreams and life choices.

  • Working with Group Energy inside a beautiful Safe Container and facilitating our own personal story. A story which aligns with Earth at this time.


If you’ve already experienced an Anahata Code activation then you’ll know the Power which anchors an Intention.


Add into that the total inner refresh which happens as we walk through the Soul Refresh Process together.


We’ll feel the power of group energy plus the exhilaration of the Knowing and the Feeling of This Next You.


This journey will be held inside Zoom where you can be seen or not, up to you.


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Use the reference of MAGIC


Sending Blessings and Hugs over the airwaves to YOU from LINDA


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