Love Bubble Energy

A Journey : A Process : A Meditation

Love Bubble Intro.mp3

This track plays the first 60 seconds of Love Bubble Energy for Big People.

NEW UPLOAD: there's now a children's version of this beautiful process on the same link that will be sent to your selected email.

A process to use before anxiety becomes too embedded, Love Bubbles for Kids goes on a happy journey which shows the listener a happy and connected way to stay in their power when living in our times.

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How can Love Bubble Energy work with You in Your Life?

Do you get anxious when even thinking about shopping?

Do you get a headache around some people?

Do you avoid busy public places?

Is 'Catching up for a coffee' something you have to prepare for?

This is how Love Bubble Energy has helped other Beautiful Beings?

- Shopping is much easier now, thank you so much

- YAY, I did coffee out with a friend and I had fun.

- I wanted to thank you for sharing this process, I've been able to leave my house now for some of the simple tasks. It feels like I'm living life.

- Other people's energy doesn't seem to impact me the way it did. Thank you.

Message From Linda


I was at a stage where I was almost annoyed with myself for not being able to get out there and involve myself in this human existence. It all made me feel just a little bit precious, even though I KNEW in my heart it was because I just FELT TOO MUCH.

Then recently, after one of my universal rants, this process fell into my heart and just made my world different. I see things from a different perspective and have been comfortable going to busy places, even a highly busy Saturday market.

If you choose to use Love Bubble Energy I'd love to know how it helped you.

I'm working on a specific recording for kids, just have to test it out some more.

Thanks for being with me on this journey, Hugs and JOY to YOU.

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