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Disclaimer: Linda Simpson from Neutralizing with Love & Creative Journey is not a doctor and does not diagnose or treat any condition or circumstance; energetic work does not replace medical care or traditional healthcare.  

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A beautiful day of personal expansion through the collective processes of Anahata Codes, Creative Expression and Hawaiian Teachings.

Sunday 17th November for a 10.30am start

The intention of the "Living with Courage" gathering is to clear away what no longer serves the journey you are living, connecting with yourself in the now and accessing your hearts truth on how you wish to live. To live from your heart, and for your higher self and soul purpose takes courage. The Hawaiian teachings will provide you with principles and teachings to assist and support you in accessing your inner courage everyday.

The facilitators for the gathering are Linda, Tali and Jeannette.

On the day, Linda will be bringing you the Anahata Codes, which provide access to Assisting Frequencies already stored inside you, offering the keys to unlocking and providing access to the innate intelligence of those vibrations. They deliver that access directly to your energy field through your Heart Chakra (Anahata), which regulates the vibrations on all layers for highest good.

Tali will be facilitating the creative expression "hands on" element, which is for everyone! You do not need to believe you are arty / creative / talented to experience creative expression. It is an innate ability in us all. As an Art Therapist, Tali will take you through a meditation and processes that will support you to create from your heart and soul. It will be an hour of Discovery, Awareness and Being.

Jeannette lives and breathes the aloha lifestyle. She will share with you the traditional 7 principles of the Hawaiian way for being and living. Having only recently returned from precious time with the elders in Hawaii, there will be new learnings to pass on to all.

There are other enlightening activities on the day that will bring you much joy and lighthearted fun!

If you wish to step into your power and access your personal courage to live a life of your hearts desires, join us!

Time: Please arrive in time for a 10.30am start. Finishing at 4:30pm.

All materials for Creative Expression through Art Therapy are provided.

Please wear comfortable, relaxed clothing.
If you have any questions, please contact us via messenger.

We look forward to welcoming you into a sacred space of alignment, creativity and learning.
Much Aloha, Jeannette, Linda and Tali xo


Workshop for one $120.00