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Empaths Haven

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Showing you ways to actually Live your life here on Earth instead of just Surviving it.

Over to your right are some tools to assist you in actually having a fulfilling life here on Earth as an Empath.

This gift to you includes:

The recording of my talk - Living As An Empath

The 9 Step Assisting Workbook

      a downloadable pdf.

And the link to book your own 30 minute Awareness Activation session with the beautiful Anahata Codes.

Your solution to Living as an Empath. With Love from one Empath to another

Your 9 Step Assisting Handbook

Download this pdf.

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Empaths on Purpose


A 5 week Journey providing you with a greater depth of understanding of yourself and the journey you've chosen here on Earth.

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Anahata Codes for Living as an Empath

Text document of my Living as an Empath talk. Downloadable pdf.

Empaths Purpose Living Magic

Empaths On Purpose

has been designed for YOU 

the Amazing Empath.

You'll find it unexpectedly affordable.


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Empaths On Purpose



An Awareness Activating 5 week journey which will provide you with a greater depth of understanding of yourself and the journey you've chosen here on Earth.

We'll meet online for an hour each week with each week covering a growth topic. Then embedding your awareness and growth by activating an Anahata Code.

The date and time of the series can be found here

Empaths On Purpose 

or by clicking the photo.

The themes we'll be discussing are:

  1. Who You Are as a Whole Being

  2. Seeing yourself as a Physical Being

  3. Balancing yourself Mentally

  4. Discovering how to use your emotions as a Magic Super Power

  5. Using that Super Power to light up your Spiritual Journey

If you're interested in finding out more then visit Empaths On Purpose for more details.