Kidz'N'Critters was birthed through some simple poems I made up as I saw critters out 'in the wild'. 

Then a beautiful friend, Roxanne Roberts, saw how she could add to these stories with her beautiful illustrations and we grew that next step.

Roxanne was convinced that I could be the illustrator, so I did venture a little way with this and had fun in the process.


The goal is Always to Have FUN, so enjoy the offerings here and maybe you could get brave and post your efforts, or your children's efforts, onto the Face Book page.


Click here to be taken to Kidz'N'Critters in FaceBookLand.

This is a beautiful story about friendship and adventure. The illustrations bring this story to life and the actions of coloring these pages in will bring the magic of fairies into any child’s world.

The below link is to a pdf colour-in book. Enjoy.

This is a fun little song created especially to ease the brain with something that makes you smile.

Love Bubbles has a facebook page here if you wish to follow us, we just share things related to the title of course.

A fun journey through a worm’s life, the story with its garden theme shares the basics of earth care in a fun and colourful way. This pdf is a storytelling and colour in book.

My latest colour-in is of a Fairy Party and you can get it here. Just right click the button below. Have FUN.

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