From one Empath

to Another

With Love

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Hosted by Linda Simpson

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Embrace Being An Empath

Could you use your vulnerabilities

to set you free?

As a fellow Empath you KNOW what it’s like to extract yourself from your anxiety and go out for a simple lunch with friends, shop for basics, maybe some new clothing, any of the things other people seem to find easy and non-threatening. 

I’ve been seeing and teaching solutions to this for a while now and still experience ‘moments’ just to remind me of my purpose.

Even today, when an important mission meant I had to leave my happy home space, the base anxiety triggers were alerted.


I came inside from my garden walk and decided that I’d do a little more self-healing on this issue that sometimes stops me from living my chosen life here on earth.


Then it hit me fair between the eyeballs. . . . about how many more of us there are wanting to learn these same steps so that they can do stuff that other people see as regular.

So here I am with a greater goal to share Journeys and Processes which will


  • Show you how to live your path with more Happy Flow here on Earth.

  • Give you tools and techniques to help you blend convincingly with other humans

  • Lead you to be more aligned with your purpose

  • And, if it calls to you down the track, invite you to join our Mastery Collectives where we expand ourselves by linking with our peers. As a growing Empath I may not have ever seen the value in this style of shared growth, but a beautiful friend engineered me into a Mastery Collective and I’ve learnt so much, grown so much, see so much more due to the sharing from my awesome group.

This is my gift to you, from one Empath to another. Have a listen to my recorded chat (register above) and the magical solutions I’ve developed which are outlined in both the chat and a 9 Step Happy Assisting Workbook. These are solutions which have enabled me and my clients, so I know they work.

The topics covers in my talk are 

  • Do you find it hard to go out into this world?

  • Doing the Necessary?

  • Solution Time

  • Where are you Vulnerable?

  • How can we use this knowledge to free you up?

  • Learning About Your Triggers

  • Celebrate who you are – The person you are Right Now

  • Introduce you to the Anahata Codes

  • My Vision and My Creative Journey Work


Sharing this to You with LOVE and JOY from one Empath to Another.