Grounded Spirituality

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Shining the Light on Your heart Journey

Grounded Spirituality with Linda 


Come and spend some magical transformation time with me and your spirit team, this session is at least an hour long and together we spend time:

  • Enabling your inner growth and awareness

  • Supporting your next step

  • Blending spiritual growth with heart based marketing knowledge to assist you in your own heart work.

  • Loving and Uplifting

  • Real Magic at Work


When we work together, we’ll be working with your own Guidance using my Clear Communication and any or all of the processes and skills in my toolbox.

Starting with an intuited card reading and probably bedding in the intentions and changes with an Anahata Code activation, we’ll generate an understanding of your present situation and create a loving plan to align you with your heart journey.

My regular rate for this session is $175


Sending Hugs and Love Bubbles out over the airwaves to YOU


I have felt at peace all day, had beautiful walk in the woods by a creek and meditation under tall pine trees, my body and spirit feel wonderful. I am so full of gratitude for your teachings and insight - LP

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What do I do in our session:


  • Guide you through any processes we are shown to use

  • Activate your own intuited Anahata Codes

  • Hold clear space while you’re growing your own inner strength

  • Be the clear conduit your Source asks for

  • Guide the work your inner being requests


What I don’t do:

  • Heal you

  • Fix you

  • Tell you what to do


What kind of impact will this have on me?

This is always very gentle time which allows for a natural relaxing and releasing.

All completed with a loving mindset.

What are these Anahata Codes?

Codes are what you bought here to earth with you. They’re not strangers in your life, the words are just new to you. They live in your Heart Library and get purposefully or accidentally activated to assist and enable you.

This is about the story that You wrote about your life here, the story you wrote before you arrived. It’s not a hard puzzle to Work on, rather it’s a Beautiful Unfolding of where you’re going.

It is my honour to stand with you through this beautiful process and to KNOW that our space will unseen and unknown obstables gently, cleanly and lovingly.

How much does this process cost?

The entire process costs $175.00

This includes any processes, codes, oracle readings and activations.

Payment is via PayPal using the button.

Once payment has been sent we can confirm the perfect time for You.

Please contact me if this shines for you and you need to create a payment plan with me - I've been blessed with a payment plan many times and am totally happy to offer this here. Much Love.

If you have more questions after reading this information I'm available on 

Sending Love Bubbles out over the airwaves to YOU.