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Disclaimer: Linda Simpson from Neutralizing with Love & Creative Journey is not a doctor and does not diagnose or treat any condition or circumstance; energetic work does not replace medical care or traditional healthcare.  

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Refresh in DigitalLand

Refresh For You is weekly in this Digital Lounge and currently timed for a Saturday morning in Australian time which makes it Friday evening for the northern hemisphere.

You'll find times, costs and other information on the link button.

Looking forward to meeting you in this lovely, expansive space.

Living With Courage promo.jpg

Living With Courage

Sunday 17th November 10.30 start.

The intention of the "Living with Courage" gathering is to clear away what no longer serves the journey you are living, connecting with yourself in the now and accessing your hearts truth on how you wish to live. To live from your heart, and for your higher self and soul purpose takes courage. The Hawaiian teachings will provide you with principles and teachings to assist and support you in accessing your inner courage everyday.The facilitators for the gathering are Linda, Tali and Jeannette.

Refresh - Sunshine Coast

Are You Ready for a New Perspective of YOU?

Presented by Linda Simpson & Blooming Healthy Studio

Experience the subtle power of

Assisting Frequencies

The next round of these Gatherings will begin in 2020.

Neutralizing With Love is collaborating on two more Gatherings this year - check above for Living with Courage and Moving Forward.