Processes and Tools

A 5 week course offering.

What can you expect from this 5 week series?

Our work together will expand on each topic, provide awesome tools to assist in your growing awareness then complete this awareness with an activation through the Anahata Codes.


1 – Who You Are As A Whole Being


This first week is all about gaining more knowledge of the Wholeness of You.

Who are You? Not the label someone else might have given you, but Who Are You?


The next three weeks are:

2 – Seeing Yourself As A Physical Being


This week we’ll look at acknowledging that who you are is more than you think, on every level and with every one of the 5 senses allocated to humanness.

We’ll look at what it takes to run this body and how the fuel affects us.

And maybe more importantly, what our body takes onboard (and manifests physically) that we’re often unaware of.

We’ll bed this knowledge into your world through simplistic tools that you can use publicly or privately then complete our time together with an Awareness Activation using the Anahata Codes.

3 – Balancing Yourself Mentally


We’re going to take a serious and fun look at how our Brain works, how it aims to govern our lives and how You can retrain it as a tool, one that back s your work, not one that undermines you.

We’ll run through a really cool brain retrain technique and, of course, bed in all of this knowledge with an Activation Awareness using the Anahata Codes.

Empaths On Purpose

has been designed for YOU - the Amazing Empath.

You'll find it unexpectedly affordable.


With such valuable content and proven tools on offer our regular price for this awesome course is 


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     $199.00 USD


PS In numerology the $199 adds up to a 1, which means new beginnings.

Perfect. 1+9+9=19 then 1+9=10 or 1

Join us in this series Live

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Your Empaths On Purpose 5 week series covers five aspects of the being you represent here on Earth.


WHEN: Week One of this Journey begins on:


4th August 2020 at 10am Queensland Australia time


Week 2 11th August 2020

Week 3 18th August 2020

Week 4 25th August 2020

Week 5 1st September 2020


Use this time clock to establish when this occurs in

your time zone.

Connection details and the web page link will be sent to you once your payment email arrives.


If you are unable to be with me live on these dates the course is available in replay immediately after each session.


Self Directed Positive Transformation

Live or In Replay

$199.00 USD

4 – Discovering How To Use Your Empath Emotions as a Super Power


This week we’ll be looking at

  • Feelings

  • Triggers

  • Focus

  • Love

  • Change

Then once again you’ll be provided with a tool to use and the session will be activated into your awareness with our Anahata Codes


And this final week brings all of our learning together with

5 – Using That Super Power to Light Up Your Spiritual Journey

We’ll have an awesome time during this final in the series. Firstly covering

  • Your Endowment

  • Your Connection to the Future

  • You, as a Way Shower

  • And what are you saying?


Completing our time together with a combination Anahata Code and fine tuning how you can move ahead with the knowledge you’ve received.

Throughout the five weeks, or even when you’re completing this Series On-Demand, there’ll be feedback opportunities both via the Facebook page Creative Conversations and email contact.


As you’d have seen above, at every stage of our 5 week Journey together we’ll Activate Awareness with Anahata Codes.


What are Anahata Codes?

Everything around us vibrates at its own unique frequency.  Anahata Codes are numerical keys to unlocking and providing access to the innate intelligence of those vibrations.  They deliver that access directly to your energy field through your Heart Chakra (Anahata), which regulates the vibrations on all layers for highest good.

What are Assisting Frequencies?

Assisting Frequencies vibrate the intelligence of Crystals, Totem Animals, Trees, Essential Oils, Meridians, and heaps more.  When an Anahata Code is installed, the healing qualities of these frequencies act on your body to shift and create balance on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


These frequencies can only ever be used for your highest good, so if it is not in your highest good to activate a code or any part of its definition, it will simply not be activated.

Heron looks after this space.

The Anahata Code of 66 42 9682

has been activated

Heron Spirit Medicine is about prompting you to look deeper into aspects of your life. In so doing, it will bring out your innate wisdom and show you how to become more self-reliant.

Hosted by Linda Simpson