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This has been happily completed for 2020

Maybe we'll see you for another round in 2021

Change Is My Friend

The Ripple Effect in Action

March 1st to March 21st

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Are you ready for the Positive Effects of Change?

Come and join us

It’s a Do It Now kinda moment


I was planning a personal challenge for change when the universe and my ‘Team’ decided that I was to share this challenge with others (this includes You).


When looking for dates to run the challenge I figured it would be easier to begin on the first of a month, so why not March 1st? Done.


As a tribe we’ll provide ourselves with support, encouragement, ideas and that one main ingredient, accountability. That’s the one that keeps us on track and sneakily provides us with the change which enables us to clearly see those next steps, that next picture, This Next You.


What can you expect?


A 21 day challenge

With 5 days live to get you on track

Answers and contact over the 21 days



Accountability – just ask and either myself or a tribe member will be there with you

A pop-up FaceBook Group keeping us private, enclosed and happy.

And of course there’s Prizes.


The basis of my support for you via the Live links and then through the rest of the challenge is:


  • Switch Your Thinking

  • Baby Steps

  • The Magic Of Change

  • Reminders Of Change

  • Magic Change Journal


Once you join the Challenge a copy of the 21 day journal will be emailed to you.


Yes, we’re talking about Change and, Yes, I know that considering change can be a bit much at times, but Change doesn’t have to be scary, it doesn’t have to mess with your life, it can be really subtle and quite small and still have the impact of a giant snowball.


Confirm your interest by heading over and joining us in the Change Is My Friend FaceBook Group.