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Eliminate pockets of stress and anxiety

Open your neural pathways for connection & clarity

Relaxing your brain with a Brain Massage

Gently clearing busy clutter

THEN Bedding in the change with a personalized Anahata Code Session


Using magic Angel hands for a relaxing and gentle Mind-Walk Brain Massage.


The creating of this beautiful journey came about through seeing people with anxious thought patterning, which inhibits growth in most areas of your world. While developing and sharing the process I felt such pleasure from the outcome as the results show that you could:


  • Feel Clearer

  • Feel Relaxed

  • Feel Happier

  • Feel Connected

Now it’s time to incorporate this really beautiful process into my work in a productive way.


My promotion of a Brain Massage Session goes like this:


Eliminate pockets of stress and anxiety

Open your neural pathways for connection & clarity

Relaxing your brain with a Brain Massage will gently clear the busy clutter

THEN together we bed in the change with a personalized Anahata Code Session


What I do in a session:

  • Guide you through the Brain Massage Process

  • Activate your own Anahata Codes

  • Hold clear space while you’re growing your own inner strength

  • Be the clear conduit your Source asks for

  • Guide the work your inner being requests


What I don’t do:

  • Heal you

  • Fix you

  • Tell you what to do


Appointments are now available

I’ve opened up my one-on-one availability on my calendar plus I’ve created what I feel is an amazing ‘Opening Special’ for You, a member of my tribe.


Together, in a one hour (plus) session we will:


  • Set the intention with an Anahata Code Activation

  • Experience the Brain Massage Process – a mind walk

  • Intuit further Anahata Codes to activate; to firmly establish new patterning


Tribe Members cost for this amazing session is $90.00

How can you book or find out more?

  • Go straight to the calendar on this link

  • Message or call me on FaceBook Messenger

  • Email on

  • OR on my Mobile Phone – (+61) 0490442822 (please take the time to leave a message if I can’t answer at the time)


Note: Payment can be by paypal, direct credit (Australia only) and cash if having your session inside my beautiful garden space.


It’s been lovely to hear what others have said about this process so here are a couple of testimonials:


I was very intrigued as I do massage in my profession and wanted to see what it was about. I loved it!

I never thought I'd ever be able to feel tension areas in my brain yet I could literally feel those fingers move from area to area.

I felt so relaxed after. Looking forward to the next time. :) From W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Whilst on a call with the beautiful Linda, she mentioned the Brain Massages that she does. Now being a very inquisitive person, I wanted to know more, and knowing more I asked her if she would give me my very first brain massage... and WOW!

As an author and business coach strategist for authors my work is very cerebral, and this was just what I needed. Even though we are thousands of miles apart, I could almost feel her soothing touch in the deep recesses of my brain gently massaging away all the tension and the unknown pressures which had built up over time.

It may sound a bit strange, but trust me, a brain massage is one of those things you don't know you need until you've had one.

I may not be a Dr., but I have studied neuroscience and NLP in great depth, and a brain massage in my opinion would serve all those who are not just mentally exhausted but ideal for those who suffer from migraines, have brain injuries and traumas as well as those of us who simply with the unwind on a whole new level.

Thank you for this beautiful experience Linda! I will be back for more! From D


As you can tell, these beautiful people both enjoyed and gained from the Brain Massage experience.


I’ve wrapped this message up with a beautiful Anahata Code to ensure it lands with Love. The code we activated for this message is



14 296 5 4293


If you’d like to experience the activation of this code you can find the recording on the Change by Neutralizing With Love group page, under the Units section.


When you listen to the recording you’ll see that this Code is perfect and lovingly offered by Source, through me, for you.


Now to confirm once more that the Tribe price for this innovative

Brain Massage and Anahata Code Session is $90.00

 *all prices listed throughout this website are in USD


If this calls out to you at all and you’d like more information then catch me by one of my many methods. I’m happy to explain more and also to work out how we can further personalize this style of session for YOU.


Sending HUGS out over the airwaves, LINDA