Because You Don't Fit In A Box

Hellooo and Welcome. You'll find information here about our private subscription group which recognises the individual in all of us, while growing our consciousness.


We are all individuals joining a magical and loving group to grow our own awareness, our own journey.

I felt very inspired to create a private group where I could share those things I have wanted to learn as I grew more into my spiritual self. Also because even though we are individuals there are many moments where we are looking to learn a similar thing.


That one shared answer, that one shared reading, that one heart healing code is going to reach out beyond the group and land in your energy field, in your heart library, and send an individual message to YOU.

THIS is the purpose of our group. To connect YOU with YOU, using the power of Exponential Group Energy, guided by my magic touch, by Love Bubble Energy, and by your own Source Energy.

In choosing to share this space you will automatically be allowing your own Divine Link to guide not only what you learn, but what I am guided to teach.

In considering how much to make as a subscription cost, I sent a thought out to some SiStar Friends and had a resounding yes to the idea of a dollar a day. So $33 per month was born with a special for those who choose to commit to a six month membership with our Amazing Family Group.


How I Enable You and our Beautiful Group


My mission is to provide You with the catalyst needed at this time on your journey.

You came here to Earth to live your life and walk your journey. Most learning comes through interaction with other people but inner learning comes from being open enough to Feel and See what is inside you and what your gift to this world is.

Because You Don’t Fit In A Box – is my mantra and these are practices that I utilize in my heart work. They are also the basis for what I share, teach, and deliver here in the group for Your growth, Spiritually, Physically and Mentally.

  • Staged weekly courses to assist your growth

  • New Energy Mentoring

  • Live Weekly Gatherings to create our Weekly Intentions

  • Visualisation Mind Walks

  • Anahata Codes for Refreshing your Heart Library

  • Guided Meditations

  • Oracle card readings

  • Neutralizing with love - a love refresh

  • Living well for the spiritually growing body

  • Heart Healing

  • Clearing Energy Blocks

  • Breathwork

  • Brain Retraining


When I'm working with individuals or groups I'm a clear channel, so any extra knowledge just lands.

I hold this space for you - Holding Space is where I stand beside you, as a clear conduit, enabling clear communication with your Higher Self and inner heart library activations.


If you've come this far then well done.

My last promotion about what this group will entail is this . . .

Once a month any group member can book a one hour private mentoring session for the highly discounted total of $55.00

This session can be based around the current theme or any other personal happening.

I wish you many happy moments in your journey and look forward to meeting you inside the group.

With Love, Linda