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From Fig To Purple – what the heck are these Anahata Codes?

This information has been printed in the Holistic Bliss magazine, which is how you arrived at this page. If you have found us through another avenue then you can see more of Holistic Bliss is on this link.


When considering how to introduce you to these beautiful Anahata Codes I sat with them and asked, ‘What would you like to share in this two-step story?’

The intuited answer was Fig Flower Essence and the Colour Purple and these are shared here in this article, as presented in Holistic Bliss Magazine, and a a downloadable activation recording.

Both activations from the two-step article are here on this page. Once you've completed the first one, allow it time to settle then feel into when to activate the second. Click here to go direct to Purple.


Our first Code, Fig Flower Essence, holds the assisting frequency of restoring and enhancing memory while balancing your male and female aspects at a cellular level. It also balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, supporting flexibility and tolerance.

Once you've read the information and are settled, listen to the activation. It is set up for you to download if you wish. EnJoy.


Fig Flower Essence has the ability to help you to connect with long forgotten memories and is particularly helpful with the release of hidden fears or blockages so that they can be understood and overcome. It also helps to promote greater understanding, improve your confidence, assist with telepathic ability and can be used to enhance creative visualisation techniques.


On an energetic level Fig Flower Essence stimulates the throat chakra and the mental body.


This beautiful Code is described more in the activation recording which is available on the link to a private You Tube recording and which will help to enable clear intention prior to completing the activation.


When providing an activation for any client or group I always promote that you complete your own investigation into what that code means as you will see what shines for You instead of just the information I may provide.


What are the Anahata Codes?

They have been bought to life here in this time by Holly Hallowell (Anahata) who shares them out into the world for free for your own personal use. You can find them on the website with an instructional video clip on how to bring these Codes into your world.


Everything around us vibrates at its own unique frequency. Anahata Codes are a set of channelled numbers and spaces which provide the keys to unlocking and providing access to the innate intelligence of those vibrations. They deliver access to these assisting frequencies directly into your energy field, your inner heart library, through your Heart Chakra.


What are the Assisting Frequencies?

Assisting Frequencies vibrate the intelligence of Crystals, Totem Animals, Trees, Essential Oils, Meridians, and many, many more. When a Code is installed, the healing qualities vibrate with your own Inner Library, assisting your body to shift and create balance on all levels.


I see the process this way. When we aim to intuit our codes rather than choose from our current mind space the feeling moves us towards our journey; then the activation SHINES this area of our inner library and when the activation is fronting something we hold fearfully, I see it neutralizing that kernel of fear, neutralizing it into love. Leaving us with a freer mindset.



A1 Flower Essence Codes 53 Fig Flower Es

From Fig to Purple, part two


Welcome back to this Anahata Code Collective and if you recall the assisting frequency of Fig Flower Essence from our first Step in this Anahata Code Collective you’ll see how Fig Flower Essence and the colour Purple link very beautifully to enhance inner growth at a time where we want to leap forward into our New.


This article is as it has been published in Holistic Bliss Magazine so check back to the previous article if you haven’t completed the Fig Flower Essence activation.

Once you've read the information and are settled, listen to the activation. The link will take you through to a private You Tube video. EnJoy.


Purple relates to the imagination and spirituality. It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. It is an introspective colour, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts.


Where Fig Flower Essence worked with hidden fears and confidence, Purple represents the future, the imagination and your dreams.


It inspires and enhances your connection and spiritual enlightenment, while, at the same time, keeping you grounded.


In colour therapy work purple is used with violet to promote harmony, inner stability, balance and peace of mind. While investigating this favourite colour I discovered that, in some, it can produce the opposite which is why I always promote that you treat yourself gently with any inner growth work.


When providing an activation for any client or group I always promote that you complete your own investigation into what that code means as you will see what shines for You instead of just the information I may provide.


In this article I wanted to share with you how I ‘met’ these beautiful Anahata Codes and how they’ve impacted my life and my clients/friend’s lives.


Have you experienced a moment when something, a concept or an idea, shines so brightly that you just Know it’s for you?


This is how it transpired for me when I met Holly (Anahata) on a Summit where we were co-presenters. The Anahata Codes are all about Love and Neutralizing and that’s exactly what my processes offer and my heart holds dear.


So I completed the training and amongst the 20 or so volunteers who aided me in my initial work were peers who were ‘blown away’ by the depth of their heart response and by the zones of old feelings that were just neutralized into Love.


Much of this clearing, this undercover healing, happened in unexpected areas and was not placed in the original intention, which made it a pleasant surprise when they actually realised what had happened.


The next logical step was to use these Codes in collaboration with my other Processes and, WOW, this just elevated the outcomes exponentially.


I also create Anahata Collectives, sets of two or three Codes which bring a more elevated activation. Codes which merge their work and provide a great range of awareness. They have bought my clients and I much Joy and the Collectives are calling out to be heard now that I’ve begun these collections.


Blessing to you on your journey.

Note: The Anahata Codes have been channelled and shared with us all by Holly, aka Anahata. Her website for these codes is on this link.



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