5 Ways to
Spiritual Biz

Boosting Your Spiritual Biz begins with YOU

Hello, I'm Linda Simpson and I've learnt that Knowing yourself better is the quickest way to growing your spiritual business.

None of the Knowing Yourself work needs to be hard, it can all be investigative and fun and heart driven, just how you wish to portray your work to your clients.

Let's do some discovering together.

What will we discover?

  1. How to catch brain clutter for greater clarity

  2. How to find that one favourite point that you love to share

  3. How to value YOUR learning. How to value your own wealth of knowledge, and not compare.

  4. How to create great content for your marketing and promotions

  5. How to face the money question of how much to charge. What exchange will I ask?

Once you have your copy of the e-book underway, come and join Tamika and I inside the Change Energy Transformation Facebook Group, a group inspired by Love and Change and Awareness. Feel into the lovely energy inside this group and introduce You and your knowledge with us all in a most loving space.

Wishing you a wonderful journey with your spiritual business.

Thanks for landing here and I just know that you'll get loads of knowledge from:

5 Ways to Boost your Spiritual Biz


The link for your e-book will come next via email so touch base with me if you have any glitches with the download.

Sending Hugs out over the airwaves to YOU

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